Ali Wong Dating History


Have you ever questioned about the relationship history of the incredibly proficient comedian and actress, Ali Wong? From her hilarious Netflix specials to her breakout function in "Always Be My Maybe," Wong has won the hearts of many together with her relatable and unapologetic humor. In this text, we’ll dive into the details of Ali Wong’s dating history, exploring her past relationships and shedding gentle on her private life.

The Early Years

Ali Wong may be a drive to be reckoned with now, but like most of us, she had humble beginnings when it came to relationships. Growing up in San Francisco, Wong had her justifiable share of teenage relationship experiences. However, it wasn’t till college that she began to really understand the complexities of affection and relationships.

Wong attended UCLA, where she pursued her ardour for stand-up comedy whereas additionally exploring the ups and downs of courting. Like many college college students, she navigated the world of informal flings, late-night study classes, and the occasional heartbreak. These experiences would later encourage her comedy specials, where she fearlessly tackles the nuances of love and relationships.

The Search for Love

After graduating from UCLA, Ali Wong dove headfirst into her comedy career, becoming a daily fixture on the stand-up circuit. During this time, she actively looked for love, going on dates and exploring new relationships. However, balancing her career and private life proved to be a challenge.

In many of her interviews and comedy specials, Wong has mentioned the difficulties of dating as a profitable comic. As her star started to rise, she discovered that some men have been intimidated by her success and comedic prowess. Despite these challenges, Wong persevered, refusing to accept something less than what she deserved.

Ali Wong Finds Love

It wasn’t till Ali Wong met her now-husband, Justin Hakuta, that she discovered the love she had been searching for. Hakuta, the son of inventor Ken Hakuta and a profitable entrepreneur himself, entered Wong’s life on the excellent time. The two related on a deeper degree, sharing similar values and objectives.

Ali Wong and Justin Hakuta tied the knot in 2014 and have since welcomed two daughters into their lives. Wong often incorporates anecdotes about her husband and household into her comedy, showcasing the love and pleasure they carry her.

The Power of Love: Ali Wong’s Relationship With Justin Hakuta

Ali Wong’s relationship with Justin Hakuta is a testomony to the facility of love and mutual assist. In a world typically plagued by relationship struggles, these two have managed to create a powerful and thriving partnership.

Despite each having demanding careers, Wong and Hakuta prioritize each other’s happiness. They have an unwavering assist for each other, cheering on each other’s successes, and navigating challenges as a staff. This level of dedication and love has undoubtedly contributed to their long-lasting relationship.

Ali Wong’s Love Lessons

Ali Wong’s courting history and eventual journey to discovering love offer a quantity of valuable classes for all of us:

  1. Be True to Yourself: Wong’s success can be attributed, in part, to her unapologetic and authentic self-expression. She never compromised her values or modified who she was to please others. This lesson reminds us to stay true to ourselves, even in the pursuit of love.

  2. Don’t Settle: Wong refused to accept something less than what she deserved, and it paid off. By being patient and not settling for mediocrity, she discovered her excellent match. This lesson encourages us to hold out for somebody who truly enhances and supports us.

  3. Work as a Team: Ali Wong’s relationship with Justin Hakuta thrives as a end result of they support each other as equals. They perceive the importance of teamwork and constantly work collectively to overcome challenges. This lesson reminds us of the facility of collaboration in relationships.

  4. Embrace Imperfections: Wong’s comedy usually touches on the imperfect features of relationships. By highlighting these moments with humor, she normalizes the ups and downs of affection. This lesson encourages us to embrace the imperfections in our personal relationships, finding humor and joy in them.


Ali Wong’s courting history is a reflection of the advanced journey many people undertake within the pursuit of affection. From her early years navigating the dating scene to discovering true love with Justin Hakuta, Wong’s experiences have formed her comedy and touched the hearts of many.

Through her success and private life, Wong reminds us of the importance of staying true to ourselves, not settling, and working as a team in relationships. Her capacity to search out humor in imperfections encourages us to embrace the quirks and challenges that love brings.

As we continue to enjoy Ali Wong’s unimaginable expertise on stage and display screen, allow us to also have fun the love that she has discovered and the valuable lessons she imparts along the way.


Who is Ali Wong currently dating?

As of my information until July 2021, Ali Wong is married to Justin Hakuta.

Who is Justin Hakuta?

Justin Hakuta is an entrepreneur and the Vice President of Product and Marketing at GoodRx. He can additionally be the husband of Ali Wong.

When did Ali Wong and Justin Hakuta get married?

Ali Wong and Justin Hakuta obtained married on November 27, 2014.

Did Ali Wong ever date anybody earlier than Justin Hakuta?

Ali Wong has not publicly disclosed any significant relationships before her marriage to Justin Hakuta.

Is Ali Wong’s relationship history broadly known?

Ali Wong has maintained a comparatively private private life, so her courting history is not extensively known in the public domain.