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We should not get caught up in direct comparisons between vegetation, animals, and human beings or between plant-animal ecosystems and human communities. We could be regressing in our views to these of Park, Burgess, and MacKenzie, to not point out our current bouquet of sociobiologists, have been we lax sufficient to make this equation. It is not in the particulars of differentiation that plant-animal communities are ecologically united with human communities however rather in their logic of differentiation. The dynamic stability of the whole derives from a visual degree of completeness in human communities as in climax ecosystems. What unites these modes of wholeness and completeness, nonetheless totally different they are of their specificity and their qualitative distinctness, is the logic of development itself.

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Radiometric dating methods

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By using these methods, geologists can decide the age of rocks and fossils with a high diploma of accuracy.

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How are absolute dating and relative dating alike?

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